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  • Folk band

    Are you planning a wedding in a highlander style or a folk party?


    If you are planning a long party (lasting longer than 3 hours), a traditional highlander band could be not enough to have fun during the whole event. So, we offer a perfect solution – a folk band, which combines three functions:

    • a traditional highlander band which welcomes guests playing and singing of course and then during the party sing together with guests
    • a folk group, which plays covers. The group plays dance music, but it is folk music of course, mainly based on Beskidy music, Podhale music, Regional Slovakian, Czech and Hungarian music. Here the band links tradition with a modern approach by using electric instruments what opens lots of new fresh sounds and nobody gets bored.
    • DJ – depending on the type of the event we can play electronic music alternately with folk covers.


    Thanks to our variety of repertoire we are able to play and sing whatever is your taste. We suggest hiring our Master of Ceremony. He is responsible for organizing contests, telling jokes and good vibes, he just takes care of good mood of the guests.


    Folk music concert


    If you are organizing a concert we would be happy to cooperate with you. We offer:

    • highlander music concert – traditional music from the whole Carpathian Mountains with acoustic instruments only,
    • folk music concert – folk music in our dance compositions enriched by electronic sounds,
    • a two-part concert of traditional highlander music or folk music.


    If you organize some event in a highlander restaurant/inn or you just like highlander music we must be there with you.


    Contact us to get more information.


  • Highlander band

    We play a wide variety of pieces so whatever our clients’ fancy we always meet their expectations. Below, we are presenting examples of events where a folklore accent is a must:

    • office/business parties and team building parties (folk music, games, contests, dancing with the Master of Ceremony)
    • weddings, birthday parties, christenings, priest’s first mass, etc enriched by the performance of our band won’t be forgotten
    • Christmas Eve meetings (singing pastorales and carols together with our clients)
    • concerts, harvest festivals, local festivals – professionally-prepared concerts of Beskidy music, Podhale music, Regional Slovakian, Czech and Hungarian music


    For the newlyweds we offer:

    • Old-Polish wedding customs connected with activities before wedding,
    • weddings in a highlander style and on our clients’ request we can perform Ave Maria, Mendelssohn March and Wagner March accompanied by the violin and church organ,
    • a small highlander exhibition at the wedding reception.


    We are flexible and open to any new artistic challenges. We play games in a tactful way but with lots of humour depending on the company expectations. We cooperate with professional dancers who teach guests how to dance. On request we can provide a high-quality sound system and stage lighting.


    We work in Poland and abroad.
    Contact us to get more information.

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