Meet us

  • zespół folkowy na wesele


    Violin, electric violin, vocals

    A graduate of Secondary Music School. She can make even the simplest tunes sound more attractive. Wiola does her best on even the smallest events, every performance is for her like a concert. Just listen to her music and see for yourself. She likes musical challenges, she also plays classical and jazz music. You will be delighted when you hear her singing “Ave Maria” and enchanted by her highlander pieces. Her music and voice leave an unforgettable impression on the audience and her covers with electrical violin get a new life.

  • góralskie wesele


    Double bass, electric gitar, vocals

    He has the longest experience in playing folklore music. He can adjust his music to the repertoire perfectly, subtly leading melody of his bass, as well as show the power and energy of his instrument. A longtime dancer, then a double bass player in Folk Song and Dance Enamble „Ziemia Żywiecka” is the brain in the band “For the time being” and is responsible for everything that can be spoiled by the rest of the group 🙂

  • kapela góralska Póki Co


    Accordion, keyboard, vocals

    Either something fast or a peaceful waltz an accompanying accordion adds its charm and makes everyone bewitched. With the support of accordion we can play every piece of music. Tomek constantly broadens his musical horizons and improves his professional skills – listen to his music – you will not be disappointed. He also works as a manager of the regional folk band „Zabrzeg”.

  • wodzirej na wesele


    Master of Ceremony, viola, vocals

    Now, you already know, that in our band there are one Wiola and three men with the same name -Tomek 🙂 The third Tomek, whose sense of humour is always infectious, is a highlander master of ceremony who can make every event perfect and unforgettable, of course, with the help of his many highland props such as: trombita (a wind instrument made of wood, which looks like a long pipe), pillory, trunks, shepherd’s axes, ropes, costumes, yarn and even summer skis. His wit and familiarity of highlander culture and traditions is a result a longterm experience in organizing events, parties and banquets.

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